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    Default Looking to hire RageQuit

    Smoke jaguar needs to make progress for itself, for a long time now apparently. I started without even the Idea that anyone could simply switch over to help the Jade Falcons or others. I am asking you and I'm looking to coordinate, on how I can get Rage Quit hired for Smoke Jaguar. I'm active, I'm starting scouting and attacks, I'm not switching over, I'm looking for merc groups that will help me get a match and not sit there. Let me know how I can cooperate with you , theres a 30% sign bonus for merc contracts with Smoke Jaguar, I'm on at this time, and earlier in my day.

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    Hey there. Unfortunately we just signed our contract for FRR this week. I will talk to the guys about maybe doing something next week, but we'll have to see.

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    Hey Forsaken, I talked to the guys and I don't think we can devote too much energy on Faction Play at the moment. Next week marks the beginning of a new competitive league for us called Proxis, and we want to focus our attention on it for the time being. It wouldn't feel right for us to agree to this and then half-ass it while we juggle two commitments at once.



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